In The News

Donald Trump Uses Social Media to Power Campaign (April 2016): A segment for CCTV-America in which I discuss Donald Trump’s use of Twitter.

NFL and Twitter Agree to Thursday Night Football Deal (April 2016): An interview with Denver’s 850 KOA unpacking the significance of the NFL’s deal with Twitter to livestream Thursday Night Football games for the 2016 season.

Startling Statistic: More Selfie Deaths Than Shark-Related Deaths in 2015 (March 2016): An interview with Fox31 (Denver) on the cultural obsession with selfies and the dangers inherent in the act.

Getting Internet Into Low Income Homes (March 2016): A segment for The Denver Channel (ABC 7) in which I discuss the importance of internet access in the contemporary communication environment.

Killing of TV Reporter and Photographer Considered ‘Social Media Murder’ (August 2015): A segment for Fox31 (Denver) on the murder of two Virginia news personnel in which I offer some insight into the motivation to document such an act on social media.

Waterton Canyon Remains Closed Because Too Many People are Taking Selfies with Bears (September 2015): An interview with The Denver Channel (ABC 7) explaining why people would put themselves in danger just for a selfie.