I started Jay Communication Solutions in 2014 because I kept running into businesses, brands, and professionals who had something to offer (and profit from), but no idea how to make that something known, no understanding of the tools available to them, or no time to do it themselves. I took this need, paired it with my deep knowledge of persuasion and social/digital media technologies, and launched JCS.

When I say “deep knowledge of persuasion and social/digital media technologies,” I mean it. I earned my PhD from the University of Denver in 2014 where I majored in Rhetoric and minored in Digital Media. I literally spent four years reading, writing, and discussing how words, images, and culture influence us and how media gets added to this equation to make it all the more persuasive. And long before Mint and LearnVest hit it big, I even wrote my dissertation on how smartphone apps (including these two) helped people take responsibility for their finances.

In the years since, I’ve worked constantly to hone my writing and editing skills, to build my knowledge of social media and its potential, and to find ways to put it all into action. I’ve built social media profiles, created brand strategies and visions, developed and managed websites, designed and deployed marketing campaigns, created organization newsletters, and mastered content marketing strategies like podcasting.

Now I want to leverage what I know to help you profit from what you know.

So make it happen.