Stop hating your job.

There’s value in a shitty job.

When you are working in a job you hate, you need to leverage your boredom, apathy, and downtime. Use it to think about a side hustle and then do the side hustle while on the job. Or think about what careers you really want and start planning your pivot toward them. You can reflect on the life choices that got you into this job that you dread coming to every morning.

The point is to use that time to think of a way out or at the least, a way to survive, because hating your job will get you nowhere.

There is little value in dwelling and sulking and pouting. Take responsibility. I understand some of us do not have a choice in our jobs, but the majority of us who do have made a choice or series of choices that landed us in our dismal situation. If you’re going to change anything, you have to own.

Once you’ve done this, plan for the short- and long-term. If you’re looking for a new job, do not burn bridges. Doing so is never a good thing. And do not start half-assing everything. People see that. Rather, if you can hunt for new jobs without getting fired, do that during breaks or when you’ve completed the work that needs to get done. Update and tune-up your résumé and LinkedIn profile.

If you’re going down the side hustle route, ask yourself how much of that work can be done on “company time” with “company resources.” I’m not telling you to cheat your current employer out of anything; I’m saying get your work done then use the time and resources available to you plan -and orchestrate- your next move.

Simply put, stop allowing the time-suck, energy-suck, and value-suck that is hating-your-job to get in the way of thinking productively about what needs to come next. It is pointless to wallow in despair about something as trivial as work.

Reframe your perspective and if you can, do it when someone else is paying you.


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