Leverage your recommendations

If you are not using LinkedIn “Recommendations” I highly suggest you start.

Considering the increasing value of the platform as the go-to resource for stakeholders on all sides of the employment and career equation, adding recommendations to your profile should be something you do.

And for those already using the tool, send additional invites to continue building value for your profile.

LinkedIn has a lot of data and users continue to grow; as the significance of the technology continues to increase, having value on your profile that has been added by your network (as opposed to yourself) will become more significant and more persuasive.

For those who have not used “Recommendations,” it is a profile add-on that allows you to send requests to those in your network. This can include those you work with or for, continue to work with, or have otherwise known in some professional capacity.

In recent months, I have increased my use of the tool and even asked former students to leave recommendations if they thought I added something professionally valuable to their own individual brands. The results have been noticeable. I am getting more profile views and potential clients are using my profile and its recommendations in addition to those on my website and on Thumbtack to decide whether or not to hire me. I am getting more traffic to my website, blog, and social media profiles. I am also getting contacted more often.

I had to come out of my shell to ask for these recommendations and I am going to assume the same will need to happen for many of you. It can be uncomfortable to ask others for recommendations, but unlike when I was an undergraduate student asking for graduate school letters of recommendation from professors who only knew me as the kid who rarely showed up, had no filmmaking talent, and was failing at his attempt to grow facial hair, I only ask for LinkedIn recommendations from those in my professional network who know me well enough to write 3-4 sentences without feeling putout.

Starting today, I recommend you start doing the same. Results can only be positive.


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