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millennials graphicJay Communication Solutions helps you get noticed.

Whether you are a job-seeker, a small business, or an organizational leader trying to improve your message, I will help others see your value and help you see results.

For the established JCS clients, I focus on fine-tuning a better résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that accentuate the leadership, management, collaboration, and communication skills needed to get you promoted and/or to help you land a job that compensates you fairly. Having completed dozens of projects for senior-level managers and executives, I know what recruiters and hiring departments want and understand how to make your strengths stand out.

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For entry-level job seekers or professionals still early in their careers, I create a job application package (résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) that accentuates core skills and competencies to get your value noticed and your career growing.

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